Teeth for bucket

LLC "Turakurgan gidravlika" produces bucket teeth for excavators and other mining equipment.

During the operation of a heavy excavator, the ECG bucket tooth is subjected to severe wear, especially if the work is carried out with a rock of high hardness.

Bucket teeth being a key element of the excavator bucket requires a periodic replacement, since a worn tooth leads to a decrease in the efficiency of the entire excavator, as well as the inability to perform earthmoving work under difficult conditions.

The ECG bucket tooth is a special design capable of destroying rock.

The production cycle for making the bucket tooth begins at the foundry of the plant, where high-quality castings are produced, which are direct blanks of future bucket teeth for excavators of ECG, ESH and other brands. After the foundry, the castings undergo strict quality control and after that they enter the machining shop, in which the excess metal remaining in the casting process is removed and the final shape is given to the ready-made bucket.

Finished products go through one more final stage to quality control, where the geometry of the tooth is checked, as well as the quality and hardness of the resulting

In case of the slightest deviations from the norm, the whole batch of castings is sent for melting, since one of the merits of the products of the "Turakurgan gidravlika" LLC,  plant is the production of quality products, which all customers of the plant trust.

Application of such a scheme of the production process makes it possible to increase the durability and quality of the bucket tooth, thereby prolonging its service life.


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